The Grid - Ecosystem Proposal
The Grid - Ecosystem Proposal

The Grid - Ecosystem Proposal

TLDR: Data on various assets and apps are often out of date, creating a bad experience for users. We are providing a new API that allows various data platforms to pull up to-date Contextual reference data. We augment, not compete with, existing solutions.

Problem: Project Data is often out of date

If data on projects within your ecosystem is not up-to-date, how are users going to find relevant applications to them?
Users in your ecosystem use various platforms to find applications
This data is often in-accurate, out of data and badly categorised. It is time-consuming to collect & keep data up-to-date
Projects don’t want to submit their data across 20 platforms
Wallets, Block explorers & ecosystem pages and other data platforms all need this data

Solution: The Grid's Data API

A dataset that we maintain that uses a single API that your ecosystem can use.
Simple API
Makes it easier for your Apps and your Assets to keep data accessible across many venues
Can be provided for Free to the ecosystem (with your sponsorship)
Data is validated using Machines and Humans to ensure accuracy
Can use this data inside your CRM
On chain attestations (in the future)

The data: Off-chain data

This data is often referred to as 'contextual reference data' in traditional markets. This is all data that users need to be able to discover and decide which apps / assets to use.
Product types
Company information etc.
To look at some example data, click the link below. Our data is designed to be enterprise grade.

How do you collect the data and make sure it is up-to-date?

We are focused on one thing, the best data.
Pairing LLMs with humans
Change tracking
Deep research into projects
Giving a shit about high quality data.

The ask: Our first ecosystem

We are looking for our first ecosystem API partner, L1 or L2 to sponsor the collection of data on their ecosystem.
You tell us which data is most important to your ecosystem (off chain data)
You can then go to the data platforms inside your ecosystem and provide them with our API so they can consume the data for free as long as you pay the yearly maintenance fee.
The only requirement is that the data platform must only be focused on your ecosystem. EG your own ecosystem page, an page that looks at dApps in your ecosystem, not a Nansen or Coinmarketcap. Should they want to consume, we can talk about that.
The Benefits:
Increased visibility into your own ecosystem
Accurate data for your CRM
Support apps that provide tooling for your users
More discovery of apps → More adoption?
Why The Grid?
We are not scared of doing this slowly and correctly. The team has strong experience with collecting data. Our first client was the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, who needed an internal dataset.


1. What if the data is incorrect? Our whole business is focused on making sure that this doesn't happen. Data goes through a process supported by both LLMs and humans. Errors will be able to be reported via a support channel.
2. What if The Grid doesn’t have all the data? We will start by covering the largest apps in the ecosystem, as we have seen first hand that the 80/20 rule applies. 80% of attention goes towards 20% of the applications. From there, we will use multiple techniques to cover as much as the ecosystem as we can. We will also enable submissions in the future. Data on projects will also be able to be requested programmatically via a request API.
3.What if The Grid goes out of business? You will receive, by contract, the full rights to use your ecosystems data.

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